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About US

The word Nyamal means harmony, which accurately reflects the brand as we are dedicated to helping our clients find that harmony in their lives. Nyamal believes that everyone has the ability to achieve inner peace and balance.

Our Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to heal and redefine your relationship with beauty; to expand the possibilities of your life with our bespoke coaching services and to resolve conflict through our conflict resolution expertise.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a globally recognized boutique agency, a collective, and a community. Our focus is your healing, your growth, your whole self, and your best self.

Nyamal Tutdeal is a South Sudanese – Ethiopian-American conflict resolution and racial healing practitioner. In her over ten years of experience working on issues of gender, peace, and security, as well as racism and race relations, she has developed and managed the implementation of several programs. These programs have been successful in promoting equality and inclusivity while also helping to prevent violence. Her work has helped to build bridges between diverse communities and to create a more peaceful and just world. She is a powerful advocate for change, and her passion for justice is evident in everything she does. 

She campaigns for issues such as ending violence against women, human rights, helping refugees and immigrants, and preventing child marriage. While also serving as the Executive Director of the NyaEden Foundation, Nyamal is an Adjunct Professor in the International Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) program at Arcadia University, where she teaches courses on conflict transformation, restorative justice, mediation, and conflict coaching.

Our Services -

The Nyamal Group is a bespoke boutique agency with four divisions. It is registered on the continent and our work is global. We understand that everyone is different and has unique needs, so we tailor our services to each individual.

Latest News -

Nyamal has been recognized for her work over the years. Below are some links to learn more about all the latest news and happenings.

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